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How To Figure Working Capital Needs

How to Figure Working Capital

Working capital is the money your business uses to pay for day-to-day expenses. Eventually, every business runs short on occasion and will need a business line of credit or working capital funding to fill in the gaps. Today we’ll be discussing how to figure working capital so you can decide if your business needs working capital funding from an outside source. Continue reading

Survive the Recession

How to Improve Cash Flow without Drastically Changing Your Business

The good news is that we’re technically out of the recession. The bad news is, money is still not falling out of the sky.

Every business and every market goes through fluctuations. Whether it’s a competitor opening down the street or a country-wide shift in the marketplace, the tide can turn on your business at any time, and frequently does.

But there are plenty of things you can do other than grin and bear market changes. The way you structure your cash flow can make a HUGE impact on your business’ immunity to market fluctuations.
Continue reading

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