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Clients have come from a variety of industries and businesses, including:

In getting financing, you'll work with executives who have decades of experience helping businesses in all sectors grow and prosper. They create unique financing solutions to meet the clients' needs, not theirs.

It's easier to qualify than going to a bank. Furthermore, you'd receive one of the lowest rates in the industry, and you won't need to use hard assets for collateral or provide personal guarantees.

The application process is fast and easy so your business can get the needed working capital by next week. Yes, there's a catch. Your business should bring in over $1 million in sales per year.

Before you decide, make sure you ask questions. If you want to find out more, contact us now for a free, no obligation conversation.

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What Our Clients Say

PolyFlex Products Testimonial Letter

PolyFlex Products

When we started this program, you indicated your team was there to transition us over to a more conventional working capital arrangement in time. It actually happened very fast, and the new program is working well... I just wanted to thank you and your whole team for the professional manner in which you handled our account.

R.P. Campbell

Cosmopolitan Staffing Services Testimonial Letter

Cosmopolitan Staffing Services

...Everything you had said and promised verbally during our negotiation process had materialized... You and everybody at Capital Solutions, have been very honest and I would highly recommend you to any of your potential clients.

Criel de Mesa