Get Cash Faster for Accounts Receivables with Invoice Financing

Invoice financing allows you to stop chasing late payments and watching the calendar. This service puts cash your account faster so you no longer worry about having enough to make your payments.

Regain cash flow balance

Whether it's the end of the month, mid-month or the first of the month, you know when you have to pay your bills because you feel pangs in your stomach. The due date for your bills never changes. Yet, your customers don't pay you on schedule -- sometimes not even within the standard 30 days.

Like clockwork, you pay employees and suppliers on time. However, the cash to pay your accounts receivables may not be coming in when you need it to ensure you have enough to pay others.

It'll be easy to qualify if your business has $1 million in yearly sales. As for the impact of invoice financing on your clients, all they need to do is change the payment name and address -- a common businesses do it all the time.

You can also request help with collections so you can focus on what you love.

How you get paid faster

After you become an established invoice financing client, you get your money almost instantly in a few easy steps:

  1. You send a list -- of invoices sent to your clients that you want paid now -- to Capital Solutions.
  2. Capital Solutions confirms the validity of the submitted invoices.
  3. Capital Solutions wires you 80% of the invoice amount on the same day of the invoice confirmation.
  4. When your client pays the invoice, you receive the rest of the money minus Capital Solutions' services fee.

Steps to Funding explains the simple process from initial meeting to getting cash. If you have questions or you're ready to move forward with growing your business, please contact us for a no obligation conversation.

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What Our Clients Say

PolyFlex Products Testimonial Letter

PolyFlex Products

When we started this program, you indicated your team was there to transition us over to a more conventional working capital arrangement in time. It actually happened very fast, and the new program is working well... I just wanted to thank you and your whole team for the professional manner in which you handled our account.

R.P. Campbell

Cosmopolitan Staffing Services Testimonial Letter

Cosmopolitan Staffing Services

...Everything you had said and promised verbally during our negotiation process had materialized... You and everybody at Capital Solutions, have been very honest and I would highly recommend you to any of your potential clients.

Criel de Mesa