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Paul Simko, President

Paul Simko, President of Capital Solution, is a classic "American Success Story" even though he spent much of his life in other countries. Born in Austria in 1927, his family relocated to La Paz, Bolivia prior to World War II.

After working at import/export companies in Bolivia and Argentina and completing a stint as a sales manager for Continental Tire and Rubber Works, he established his own firm, Simko S.A. Today, Simko S.A. provides services to the rubber chemicals and plastics industry through offices in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

In the late 1980s, Mr. Simko and Mr. Weil incorporated what would soon become Capital Solutions. Mr. Simko leads Capital Solutions as President.

Mr. Simko's "secrets to success" have been hard work and the willingness to building close relationships with principals of companies he represents, with his employees and with his customers. These personal relationships have made it possible for him to succeed in business in ways he could have never imagined as a war refugee arriving in Bolivia in 1939.

Carlos Weil, Chief Executive Officer

Carlos Weil, Chief Executive Officer of Capital Solutions, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After receiving his MBA from the University of Belgrano, Mr. Weil worked for Phillip Morris International. where he quickly rose through the ranks to become assistant to the Chief Financial Officer.

Mr. Weil was then recruited by Simko S.A to head the firm's International Trading department. Working for Simko resulted in Mr. Weil's initial exposure to funding Accounts Receivable from firms in the way that Capital Solutions does today. In addition to learning about the invoice financing business, Mr. Weil was also involved in Simko's latex and rubber import business and honey importing business here in the United States

When Simko decided to open a subsidiary in the U.S, Mr. Weil joined the new venture as founder and Chief Executive Officer where he remains today.

Mr. Weil is also active in charitable, business and community organizations. He is a past two-term Board Member of Angel Flight (a volunteer pilot organization flying patients throughout the US), a two-term Board Member of the International Factoring Association and served one term on the Board of Directors of his synagogue. A recent black belt in Kenpo Karate, Mr. Weil is also an avid airplane pilot, sailor, skier, scuba diver, and runner.

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What Our Clients Say

PolyFlex Products Testimonial Letter

PolyFlex Products

When we started this program, you indicated your team was there to transition us over to a more conventional working capital arrangement in time. It actually happened very fast, and the new program is working well... I just wanted to thank you and your whole team for the professional manner in which you handled our account.

R.P. Campbell

Cosmopolitan Staffing Services Testimonial Letter

Cosmopolitan Staffing Services

...Everything you had said and promised verbally during our negotiation process had materialized... You and everybody at Capital Solutions, have been very honest and I would highly recommend you to any of your potential clients.

Criel de Mesa