Meet a few simple qualifications today and get funded tomorrow

When you come to Capital Solutions Bancorp for your financing needs, you can expect some of the easiest qualification requirements in the market. Hundreds of companies like yours have qualified for our services and you can too. If you meet the following qualifications, we will provide you with a funding solution that you will be thrilled with.

The basic requirements for funding from Capital Solutions.

  • Your company must be a "business-to-business" company. In other words, the buyer for your company's goods and services must be other businesses, not individuals.
  • Your company must produce more than $1 million in sales each year.
  • Your product or service must be delivered to the customer and an invoice produced.
  • Your company must be incorporated in the United States.
  • Your company should preferably have more than one client.
  • Your company must have a history of minimal returns or short pays.
  • Your company must complete our short application form, provide us with a copy of your articles of incorporation and sign our financing agreement.
  • For PO Financing and PO Guaranty, the products have to be dropped shipped (i.e. sent directly...) from your vendor to your client.

There are some businesses that Capital Solutions cannot fund.

  • Companies that sell to individuals as final consumers.
  • Companies that bill medical insurance companies, Medicare or Medicaid.
  • Construction-related companies, that do 'progress billing' such AIA contracts.
  • Companies that owe taxes or have liens, unless a payment plan is in place or in the process of being negotiated.
  • Companies that have their receivables pledged to other secured lenders that are not going to be paid off or are not willing to subordinate themselves.
  • Companies where any of its owners have substantial derogatory personal credit such as significant judgments, repossessions, or tax liens.
  • Companies with tight gross margins-less than 10%.

Get an initial read on your qualifications of funding.

We would be glad to give you an initial assessment of whether your business meets our qualifications for financing or not. Simply contact us to have a brief conversation with one of our principals so that we can understand what your business does and how you see your business growing, We will also want to take a quick look at your Accounts Receivable aging report so we can see what your billings typically look like.

Once we talk to you and look at your Accounts Receivable report, we can give you an answer within two hours about your ability to qualify for funding from Capital Solutions Bancorp.

Capital Solutions Apply Today, Get Cash Next Week

What Our Clients Say

PolyFlex Products Testimonial Letter

PolyFlex Products

When we started this program, you indicated your team was there to transition us over to a more conventional working capital arrangement in time. It actually happened very fast, and the new program is working well... I just wanted to thank you and your whole team for the professional manner in which you handled our account.

R.P. Campbell

Cosmopolitan Staffing Services Testimonial Letter

Cosmopolitan Staffing Services

...Everything you had said and promised verbally during our negotiation process had materialized... You and everybody at Capital Solutions, have been very honest and I would highly recommend you to any of your potential clients.

Criel de Mesa