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Dear Carlos:

It was a pleasure speaking with you last Wednesday..

First, I would like to thank you and your organization for the financial assistance you had given me. Everything you had said and promised verbally during our negotiation process had materialized. As I said to you during our negotiation process, I was looking to give my business to someone that is honest and someone that will live up to his/her verbal promises. You and everybody at Capital Solutions, had been very honest and I would highly recommend you to any of your potential clients. The assistance that you gave me in December of 2000 was far more helpful than anybody can appreciate. You came through as per your verbal promise. Yes, your business is giving funds to your clients, but your real business is in service. Your company had bent over backwards during my financial crisis, as per your verbal promise. Again, I cam from the old school and believe in the honesty of people. You have demonstrated your ability to come through with your verbal promise. That is the main reason I decided to do business with you. Should the opportunity again arise, I will not hesitate to do business with you because of your ability to come through with your verbal promise. With regards to your honesty in paper works, your organization’s administrative ability is excellent. Over the months, I had developed a great confidence in your administrative/accounting skills.

In addition, please note that your financial assistance helped our company to grow to a point that we are able to qualify for an asset based lending facility. We would never have qualified for an asset based lending facility without your assistance in the past.

In conclusion, I will again give you my business if the opportunity arises due to your honesty and your ability to keep your verbal promise.

Again, I would like to thank you and your staff at Capital Solutions, LC.

Very truly yours,

Criel de Mesa

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