Energy Services

Dear Capital Solutions’ Staff:

Money… yes. There is uncomplicated access to money, as you had promised. The HUGE difference I found since we are working with you—one that I was not expecting—is in the day-to-day life… my day-to-day life. Since Capital Solutions is funding us there is no “fear” (…or even “pain”) when I talk to a vendor or need to make payroll. We are paying them promptly and they treat us with white gloves. In a couple of instances, when our vendors were strapped for sales or money at month end we were able to get very interesting prompt payment discounts from them. That would have never, ever been possible without you.

Looking back at where we came from, the opportunity to grow our oilfield services company to its full potential FAR outweighs the additional percentage point or so that I pay you. No doubt about it.

You guys have also bent over backwards—sometimes changing your own procedures—to make it work for us. I really appreciate that.

Hey… keep up the good work… and if any your clients have any questions… make sure you give them my phone number.

Talk to you soon!

Ms. Keri Gray
Energy Services, Inc.

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