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Dear Laurie:

Sometimes one takes good customer service for granted. I don’t.

I am taking a few minutes to tell you how thrilled I am about having decided to work with you. When I did my initial research, there were many options and it was so difficult to compare. As you know by now, my biggest concern has always been protecting my relationship with my customers. For some reason, talking to your CEO made me feel comfortable. He answered all my questions and it was easy to see how the deal would benefit me. I was especially interested in the way Capital Solutions would accommodate to my special needs (others promised this too… but it just wasn’t too convincing). Yor follow-up was and is impeccable.

Almost a year has gone by and I can confirm Capital Solutions has been true to the saying “under-promise and over-deliver”.

I have tripled (repeat, tripled!) my business… thanks to the fact that I can make sales and customer service the central point of my every-day. I also appreciate your experience and the unobtrusive way you deal with my clients (whenever you have to).

In the name of our staff and myself, thank you so much… and keep up the great work!

Edward Kennedy,

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